Library Recognition Awards

UBC Library’s Recognition Awards were developed to acknowledge the many ways in which staff contribute to UBC Library through creativity, innovation, excellence, leadership and customer service. Nominations are from within the Library and each recipient receives a cash award and an individualized award, presented at the annual Library Recognition Luncheon during the summer. 

The Awards program includes four distinct award categories:

  • Employee Excellence Award: Recipients of the Employee Excellence Award have an impeccable record of work excellence and workplace contributions. Their kindness, compassion and respect for others make them eagerly sought after to be project team members or leaders. Their innovation and creativity have a significant impact on UBC Library. Their presence has made the Library a better place.
  • Innovation Award: Innovators lead UBC Library by providing creative solutions. They are risk-takers and pioneers, pushing us to think in ways that reach beyond the status quo. Our libraries are their incubators, and their thinking is visionary. Nominees in this category have demonstrated new ways of performing existing processes, or have undertaken work that supports the vision of theLibrary’s Strategic Plan.
  • Unsung Hero Award: This award is dedicated to those employees who keep our libraries running, delivering our services and collections, and maintaining and improving operations. They are the backbone of the Library and a critical support for our users. Without their efforts, UBC Library would not be able to function or deliver the stellar service that users have come to expect.
  • Leadership From Within Award: Recipients of this award have shown leadership in the Library in unexpected ways. They inspire others to accomplish tasks in line with our strategic directions and assume responsibility to achieve success for the Library. They demonstrate leadership without formal authority by inspiring and engaging others. They are sought after for their advice. They regularly go above and beyond for the betterment of processes, services or the workplace.


List of Library Award Recipients