Strategic Framework

UBC Library is developing a new Strategic Framework in 2018-2019 to guide our future work. 

This framework will identify the Library’s mission, vision, and goals, providing a blueprint of what we want to achieve and how we plan to achieve it. The framework aims to keep our users’ needs at the heart of our decision-making processes, ensuring that we are supporting students, researchers, faculty and community members in their work.

I have chosen to develop a Strategic Framework as opposed to a Strategic Plan for a number of reasons:

  • It frees us to engage in a transparent process to develop shared goals and values
  • It allows us to confirm and communicate to ourselves and to others our core activities and areas for growth and exploration
  • It allows for flexibility to adapt to changing global trends, policies, and user needs over time
  • It provides clear guidance without being too prescriptive, allowing our faculty and staff greater autonomy to make their own decisions
  • It enables us to align our goals and priorities with those of the University as whole in the new UBC Strategic Plan

We welcome your feedback about the Library. Your input is invaluable in helping our libraries plan for the future. 

Susan E. Parker

University Librarian

The Process

UBC Library has engaged DeEtta Jones & Associates to help develop this new strategic framework through a six-phase process. 

Process timeline:

Project Launch – Fall 2018

Environmental Scan – Fall 2018

Consultations – Fall 2018

Strategic Directions – Winter 2019

Values, Vision, Mission Development – Winter 2019

Goal Development – Winter 2019

Draft Plan – Winter 2019

Consultations – Winter 2019

Final Plan and implementation outline – Spring 2019


Stakeholder feedback is being gathered through in-person consultation sessions and through an online survey.


Strategic Framework Steering Committee 

Susan Parker, University Librarian (Sponsor)

Jeremy Buhler, Assessment Librarian

Tamis Cochrane Access Services Assistant, Xwi7xwa Library

Erin Fields, Liaison Librarian and Flexible Learning Coordinator

Aleteia Greenwood, Head, Woodward Library and Biomedical Branch Library

Mayu Ishida, Reference Librarian, Woodward Library

Sasha Krieger, Koerner Library Assistant, Humanities & Social Sciences Division

Anne Lama, Conservator, Technical Services

Peggy Lunn, Head, Education Library

Aleha McCauley, Librarian, Community Engagement, Irving K. Barber Learning Centre

Kat McGrath, Renewals & Collections Librarian

Julie Mitchell, Assistant Director, Student Engagement, Irving K. Barber Learning Centre (Co-chair)

Pouneh Naderi, Manager, Music, Art & Architecture Library (Co-chair)

Anne Olsen, Head, Koerner Library

Amber Saundry, Digital Repository Librarian, Digital Initiatives

George Tsiakos, Acting Head Law Library


Find out more about our previous 2015-2017 Strategic Plan.