Executive team

UBC Library’s Executive Team – consisting of the University Librarian, Deputy University Librarian, Associate University Librarians and Directors – is leading the organization forward as it transforms into a 21st-century research library. The Executive Team has responsibility in the areas of collection acquisitions, services and programs, community engagement, information technology and more. Each executive is responsible for managing their portfolio, supervision of their staff, and supporting the strategic direction of the Library.

The Executive Team is also grateful for the input of its advisory boards – which include the Senate Library Committee, the Library Advisory Board, the IKBLC Advisory Committee on Community Engagement and the Library Student Advisory Committee.

View the Library Administration and Branch Overview organizational chart.


Dr. Susan E. Parker 

University Librarian

university.librarian@ubc.ca | 604-827-3486

Administrative Manager: Stacy Campbell – stacy.campbell@ubc.ca | 604-822-5142


Robert Janke

Deputy University Librarian, Okanagan Campus

robert.janke@ubc.ca | 250-807-9109


Julie Mitchell

Associate University Librarian, Teaching, Learning and Engagement and Director, Irving K. Barber Learning Centre.

julie.mitchell@ubc.ca | 604-827-4307


Allan Bell

Associate University Librarian, Digital Programs and Services

allan.bell@ubc.ca | 604-827-4830


Aleteia Greenwood

Associate University Librarian, Research and Scholarship

aleteia.greenwood@ubc.ca | 604-822-0689


Sheldon Armstrong

Associate University Librarian, Collection Development

sheldon.armstrong@ubc.ca | 604-822-5300


Jean-Paul (JP) Eidsvik

Director, Finance and Facilities

jean-paul.eidsvik@ubc.ca | 604-822-5903


Ina Reiche

Director, Human Resources

ina.reiche@ubc.ca | 604-822-9919