Library Student Advisory Committee

LSAC 2016-2017

In 2010, the Learning Commons Student Advisory Committee was established at UBC to offer a venue for students to bring forward issues and ideas related to the programs and services of the Chapman Learning Commons and UBC's Learning Commons website. Beginning in the 2011/12 academic year, the committee expanded to become the UBC Library Student Advisory Committee.

The Library Student Advisory Committee engages in open conversations about how to enhance library resources and services, and how to facilitate an exceptional student experience at UBC Library. The committee facilitates direct communication between library management and students, providing the opportunity for students to provide constructive feedback and to get involved in the decision making processes that guide the enhancement of learning spaces and library services.


  • Alex Kuskowski, Learning Services Librarian, Chapman Learning Commons
  • Sheryl Adam, Acting Managing Librarian, Research Commons, Koerner Library
  • Julie Mitchell, Interim Assistant Director, Chapman Learning Commons


Undergraduate Students

  • Nafeel Ahmed, Faculty of Science
  • Mina Chen, Faculty of Land and Food Systems
  • Damon Dhillon, Faculty of Science
  • Betty Han, Faculty of Arts
  • Irene Lin, Faculty of Arts
  • Karen Ng, Faculty of Arts
  • Jennifer Phi, Faculty of Arts
  • Leah Singer, UBC Sauder School of Business
  • Sara Suna Dalkilic, Faculty of Science
  • Kaitlyn Tissington Turner, Faculty of Arts, Psychology

Graduate Students

  • Lisa Chang, Faculty of Education
  • Daniela Medrano, Faculty of Education
  • Sarah Riddell, Faculty of Land and Food Systems
  • Simon Robins, Faculty of Arts, Library Science
  • Michelle Spelay, Faculty of Arts, Library Science
  • Laura Super, Faculty of Forestry

Membership Archives:

The Library Student Advisory Committee meets a minimum of 4 times per academic year and is comprised of undergraduate and graduate students at large from various faculties.

  1. The Learning Services Librarian for Chapman Learning Commons and a Subject Librarian will co-chair the Student Advisory Committee with input from the Assistant Director of the IKBLC & Student Engagement Librarian
  2. There is no requirement of a quorum for the Library Student Advisory Group.
  3. There will be a key question for inquiry and opportunities for open discussion as part of each meeting.
  4. From time to time, depending on the issues to be discussed, resource persons will be invited to meetings.
  5. Staff representatives on the Committee are committed to transparency of process including reporting results of decisions related to student suggestions and ideas.

For Students:

  • To look for opportunities to improve UBC Library and communicate the needs of students to library management
  • To take an active role in shaping learning support and enhancement resources at UBC Library
  • To have an environment for providing feedback and sharing ideas about the Library
  • To become better informed on library services and related learning support and to share that knowledge with their respective campus communities

For Staff:

  • To gain a better understanding of the needs and desires of students with respect to UBC Library
  • To gain insight into student expectations for services and quality of service for the purpose of the development and improvement of in-person and online resources
  • To have students identify gaps in services that are currently offered and help prioritize services for improvement
  • Identify student needs related to support for new technology