Create an exceptional work place environment

The Library commits to being a respectful, healthy environment that encourages leadership, collegiality, diversity, individual growth and opportunity.




Key actions

Implement strategies leading to beneficial changes in the work environment.

  • Align HR processes to incorporate the aspirational values and behaviors.
  • Expand employee recognition programs.

Improve knowledge of the Library’s vision, goals and desired cultural shifts.

  • Develop a Staffing Plan for UBC Library Vancouver.
  • Initiate a Culture Change plan.

Create opportunities for leadership, learning and new internal work experiences.

  • Create a framework and processes to facilitate cross-library work experiences.
  • Develop and target training to increase skills and competencies to meet the needs of a changing library profession.
  • Identify and provide specific training programs in support of supervisors, committees, and working groups.
  • Launch a mentorship program for different employee groups.

Evaluate improvements and cultural changes.

  • Repeat the Cultural Assessment Tool (DJA) and other methodologies to measure the efforts being made to improve the workplace culture.
  • Continually assess new data to inform Exceptional Workplace initiatives.