2 responses to “Browse Library journals from your tablet or mobile phone”

  1. maryama

    I’m Maryam Pakdaman
    Ph.D. candidate of information science
    I work on my thesis with this topic:
    “Evaluation and ranking mobile library application”
    Is that possible for you to inform me,
    Do you have any special mobile library application for your library?
    If Yes,
    How I can download it on my mobile and use it?
    If No,
    How student can see your website on mobile?

    With Best Regards,

  2. Clare Yow

    Hi Maryam,

    UBC Library does not have a mobile application. However, our website is set up for mobile and responsive viewing through the browser on your mobile device. Hope this helps and please let us know if you have other questions.

    Clare, Library Communications