One response to “Library website survey”

  1. Pamela Jamieson

    I think the website is not user friendly, too busy, too many options to choose from, eg. searching tool, summons vs. the older version of searching, scrolling down and then searching again through the same things but more specific. The summons search tool doesn’t work very well, because it gives too broad a search and sometimes does not capture what you are searching for under author name or title, too many key word searching tools.

    This is just my opinion, since I returned to work at UBC library, the searching is more complex than it was when I left in 2008 and the website became more cluttered with many different options to choose from such as why not move the top box of summons down to the bottom or remove all together and go back to the older method of searching which is more specific.

    The right side box for information, instead of a square box, why not narrow it down and place it at the top.

    Anyways, just my opinion.