6 responses to “UBC Library’s tech survey: enter to win an iPod”

  1. Yang Liu

    we need more books on statistics. For example, The Weibull distribution, a handbook

  2. Megan Lavik

    I value the libraries as a place where I can study, but also as a place where I can browse through older materials that I might never be aware of otherwise. New material is on the web, sure, and if I find something interesting I need you’ll help me get it, but how about guiding/exposing me to things that are not online and can only be found in major research collections? That’s what big universities offer I thought, to compensate for larger class sizes and a less personal experience. Depth.

    I thought librarians were the people who actually realized that it’s not all online.

  3. Ajay Bains

    I think the site plan is great. Navigation will be easier. I am very excited.

  4. Kevin Cameron

    Technology is a key role in todays society, my question is how are you making electronics (computer,laptop,etc) more acccesible to everyone.

  5. Jashan Sidhu

    Please have the Koerner Library open 24 hrs. Also the woodward hours to get extended!! Appreciated!!!

  6. David Shoolestani

    Rarely do my professors use the digital agenda component of the VISTA site. It would be of great help if they would use it as it would serve as a great update feature keeping all students well informed of the upcoming assignments, quizzes, exams and or projects.