Not your typical day to day

What we do

From curator to researcher

Our student positions include everything from book shelving to teaching instructional workshops for fellow students. Students can work in a variety of roles including assisting with reference questions, conducting assessments of library web resources, compiling statistical data for review and helping with collection development projects.

From cataloguer to designer

Our staff keep our branches running, delivering services, collections and operations. They are the backbone of the Library and a critical support network for our users. These positions can include administrative support, library assistants, systems analysts, circulation assistants and more.

Some of the many things they do on a day-to-day basis include communicating with vendors, processing incoming materials, assisting with operational maintenance for machines, reviewing library fines and suspending borrowers as needed, coding websites, maintaining databases, and loading materials into the Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS).

From teacher to leader

Our Librarians and Archivists provide crucial reference and instructional support for the entire UBC community. The type of work they do can vary, but can include ensuring preservation of collections, consulting with faculty members for research projects, establishing metadata standards, digitizing materials and making them accessible, ordering new materials as needed, overseeing branch activity, and liaising with other librarians in the field. 


  • A look inside a digital repository
  • Medieval manuscript’s impact spans centuries
  • LOOCing into the future of digital learning