Welcome to UBC Library’s fourth annual Community Report, which highlights how UBC Library has engaged students, staff, and community and faculty members during the past year. The theme guiding this issue is sustainability, one of the central issues of our time. As UBC Sustainability notes, “Sustainability at UBC isn’t just a word to define – it’s a term that defines us and how we interact with the world.”

Sustainability is also a key commitment in Place and Promise, UBC’s strategic plan – and we wanted to share how the Library is supporting economic, environmental and social sustainability at the University. Our efforts include contributions to Better World Books, digitization projects on the Vancouver and Okanagan campuses, a technology training program for international students and more.

In the spirit of sustainability and engagement, the Community Report is being published solely online. Enjoy – and let the conversation begin!

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Okanagan Preservation Behind the scenes


Bridging the tech gap for international students

Find out how a special training program helps international students hone their tech know-how for the 21st-century classroom.

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Boosting literacy with Better World Books

Discover how UBC Library’s partnership with Better World Books helps support literacy initiatives – and bypasses the landfill.

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Bringing knowledge to the world

At UBC, the future of knowledge is opening up – and the Library is playing a key role to bolster the University’s research and share its efforts.

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Digitizing history, sustaining communities

Researchers around the world have valuable access to Okanagan history, thanks to a digitization project involving UBC Library and the Okanagan Historical Society.

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Preserving collections for lifelong learning

UBC Library preserves its physical and digital collections for current and future generations of scholars, researchers, students and lifelong learners.

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From acquisition to digitization: sharing the Library’s special collections

Join us on a journey that follows the transformation of a rare item from a personal collection into a digital asset for users near and far.

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