Engage with communities

Through collaboration we exchange perspectives, expertise and resources with diverse communities, contributing to the economic, cultural and social well-being of the people of BC and beyond.





Key actions

Expand engagement with the campus and community partners.

  • Strengthen alumni partnerships focusing on opportunities provided by the Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre.

Expand community access to the Library’s collections and services.

  • Explore service opportunities with the University Neighbourhood Association (UNA).

Enhance collaborations with First Nations and Aboriginal communities.

  • Extend access to the Library’s Community Card program to First Nations across BC.
  • Participate as an active partner in planning for the Indian Residential School History and Dialogue Centre.

Strengthen collaboration with other libraries, archives, educational and cultural organizations.

  • Undertake cross-promotion with local institutions for exhibitions and cultural events.

Increase the global influence of the Library’s collections and expertise.

  • Work with communities and institutions to identify and digitize unique, research-focused collections.
  • Publicize significant library collections, programs and services and promote their use by local and international scholars.