Emergency information including weather


Staff emergency information telephone number: 604-822-4868
An Emergency Contact List (PDF) is available on the staff intranet.

Snow Policy

Guidelines for Application of UBC Policy 68 (Disruption of Classes/Services by Snow) November 2010

The UBC Library will remain open during snow storms, even when classes have been cancelled. However, services may be curtailed in response to conditions, based on a decision by the UBC President or their delegate.

In the event of a heavy snowfall, the UBC Library may well be closed. Every attempt is made to circulate information widely through the University web site, the library web site, phone calls etc. Communications are often not as nuanced as we need for our very large and complex operations; consequently, the web will be the authority at http://ubc.ca/.

Supplementary Library specific information may be found at: telephone number – 604-822-4868. This message will be dated and will change as weather conditions change. This number is managed by the Director of Human Resources or their designate in their absence. Should we experience a heavy snow fall or other form of weather which specifically prohibits the Library from operating, the information will be recorded on this telephone number.

Every attempt will be made to provide you with prompt information, however please recognize that news will likely not be received and relayed until after 7:00 am. Therefore, in the event of very inclement weather, please use your personal judgement in deciding whether you can safely venture out.

In the event of communication interruptions listen to updates on local radio and TV stations for the latest information on closures.

The UBC Library does not expect workers to go to extraordinary lengths to come to work for a scheduled shift if travel conditions are unsafe or uncertain. Anyone unable to get to work because of snow is expected to advise their supervisor as soon as possible. Rest assured that you will not be disciplined for shifts missed as a result of such inclement weather. The Library will make every effort to allow you to make up missed shifts once regular service resumes.