UBC Library’s assessment team helps improve the quality of Library services and the experience of library users. They consult library stakeholders, provide data about library activities, and plan and implement assessment projects to inform decisions about library collections and services.

98,600+ reference questions

1,100+ instructional workshops

supported by our librarians each year


5.5M physical collections

2.3M e-books

3.2M visits per year

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How students and faculty view the library:
Student and faculty surveys

Every three years UBC Library surveys a random sample of UBC students and faculty to learn about their needs and to monitor the Library’s progress. An interactive graph of survey results from 2007, 2010, 2013, and 2016 shows how undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty perceive the Library. On average, respondents to the 2016 survey rated UBC Library 7.3 on a scale of one to nine (see also the UBC Vancouver LibQUAL 2016 survey report).

How we spend money:

Total UBC Vancouver Library expenditures by fiscal year are published in the annual University Librarian’s Report to the Senate. Expenditures for Library collections are an increasing percentage of the total, in part because of the rising cost of electronic journals.

expenditures chart

How we spend money:

UBC Library strives to improve access to its collections, investing heavily in online electronic resources that are available to UBC users anywhere, at any time. In FY 2016/17, 83% of UBC Vancouver Library’s collections expenditures were for electronic materials.