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  1. Susanna Braund

    Wow. This sounds serious. It would be nice if you could be clearer which services will be down. For example, if an ILL arrives (the pdf of a journal article) will it be sent to me?

    One wonders who made the decision about this timing. It is exactly the moment in the year when the academics are able to return to their research projects after getting their grading done.

  2. Kevin

    I’ve just finished all my finals and now this. Is there any way in which I can renew my books now? (Because logistically, it is impossible for me to return 150 books in the span of four days.)
    Or are the due dates automatically reset to May the 8th given this upgrade?

  3. Andy

    Hi there,
    How do I renew my books that are due in 3 days? Its an inconvenience for me to go to UBC as I have a community library card. Also, if the due dates are set to the 8th, is that the last date to return books before fines?
    Thank you

  4. brent

    ditto what Andy said–will you levy fines over this downtime? I don’t think that would be fair for us community members.

  5. Anonymous

    My books are due today. I cannot reach anyone by phone. Will I be charged fines?

  6. Tom

    Can I still make ASRS requests in person at the circulation desk at IKB? Or is there just no way to get books in ASRS?

  7. alice

    Hi, I dropped off my book through ‘book return’ at Irving because I am leaving Vancouver soon. Will that be processed on May 8th? Also, it was a book from Koerner library. Would that be ok?


  8. Patricia D Mills

    Michelle: I am to assume that this includes access to call numbers..

  9. S

    I want to know if I can find out when my UBC library books are due if I call in. Or is server down for staff at the library as well. I don’t want to get undue fines.

  10. Rose Marie

    Congratulations for all UBC, works. Today Dr. Kimberly Shonert came to Complutense University in Madrid. I am sure she is wonderfull. Thanks for share the good experience.

  11. Omar

    We were told that the library’s services would resume on May 8, 2017, which is today. But I still cannot access the online system to renew my books which were due back on April 29th. Would you please let us know when the online system will be restored?

  12. Duncan Pawson

    Hi Michelle,

    Will the system be up and running today? I’m looking to renew a book


  13. Lara

    I’m still unable to access my account. Every time I click “My Library Account Login”, I get this page….should I be accessing my account from some other link?

  14. Michael

    I am unable to access my account. Receive this link

  15. Ruth Nygatd

    I am still unable to renew my book and it is now the evening of May 8

  16. Anonymous


    It is almost midnight on May 8th and the library services seem to still be out of order. Does this mean that the due dates have been moved to a later date? I do not want to pay a fine over a technical difficulty…


  17. Nicole

    I just got an email saying I’m going to accrue fines, but I still cannot log into the library system! I already submitted an assistance ticket. Please have a look into this as soon as possible as this is very unfair. Thank you.

  18. Ruth Nygard

    Sorry my last name is spelt wrong in the 2 comments I sent. My name is Ruth Nygard. And I am still not able to access the renewal page. Have they not fixed the problem yet. And who do I contact on line to dispute the overdue charges that they have just imposed on me although I have been trying to renew since my books became due but the renewal page is not working. I would think that if it is up and running as you say, I would not be directed to this page anymore, and be able to renew my books. I am a bit frustrated now as I am now being charged for something that is not my doing and I am trying to get to the renewal page without success and just being redirected. Please help.

  19. Elle Marsh

    I have being attempting to login all day yesterday. It still does not allow me to login today, and keeps redirecting me to this page. I have just received an overdue notice.

  20. Jason

    I can echo the above posts that it is May 9th and I am still unable to access.

  21. Sarah

    Hello, I had intended to renew some books but due to a change in plans returned them yesterday. I note that they are not showing as returned, and that the due date is for May 5 as opposed to May 8. Is it possible to correct this? Thank you!@

  22. Nicole

    Still unable to log in. No word from tech support. I have fines accruing now. When is the link going to be up?

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