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  1. Kin-Sing

    Hi, I am an alumnus of UBC and am interested in applying for an A-card in order to gain access to some electronic resources off-campus. I observe that the coverage of electronic resources is different from what I could access when I was a student. May I know what exactly the journals being covered by the A-card? Great if can have a list of journal covered. Thanks.

  2. Clare Yow

    Hi Kin-Sing, thanks for your question. Alumni have access to our open access databases as listed here.

    The Alumni Card will give you access to Ebsco Academic Search and Business Source Alumni Editions. The access point for the databases is on the Alumni UBC website. Questions about accessing the databases should be sent to alumni.ubc@ubc.ca.

    Hope this helps.

    Clare Yow
    Library Communications

  3. Oralia

    I’d like to know if there’s a page that explains how to download EBSCO e-books from the Online Journals Alumni site. I only get a link that says EBSCO mobile app, but I’m working on a PC. I already have Adobe Digital Editions installed. Whenever I click on a book, the message I get is “This eBook is viewable on the Full Site. Email a link for desktop access later.”

  4. Clare Yow

    Hi Oralia,

    Apologies for the delay as we tried to get the correct response to your issue from our e-journals team. It appears that you are attempting to access ebooks from the Online Journals section of the Alumni UBC site. From our understanding, the EBSCO Academic Search and Business Source Alumni Editions give Alumni access to online journals, but not ebooks. This may explain why you keep getting redirected to the Full Site or desktop access (which you can access in-person at a UBC Library computer). We hope that this helps and please drop by a Library branch for further assistance.

    Thank you.

    Clare Yow
    Library Communications

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