2 responses to “Irving K. Barber Learning Centre relaunch”

  1. Brenna


    I am really happy with the new learning centre, but I would like to suggest a possibility that would make it more useful for students. As you many of you are aware, during lunch hours and generally in the afternoons, Irving library is really crowded. It’s nearly impossible to find a place to sit down and get some studying done. The learning areas are great and all, but they take away much of the floor space, especially when they are not in use (ie during 12-3pm) It would be much better if student were allowed to study in there when the tutors aren’t there yet. Or even make it like silent study space where tutors and still teach, and other students can still have a place to study.

  2. Julie Mitchell

    Thank you for your feedback regarding the new tutoring and coaching pavilions. These pavilions were built as dedicated spaces for AMS Tutoring, the Writing Centre and Coaches Corner. While the spaces take up a fairly large footprint on Level 3, great efforts have been made by the IKBLC management team to ensure there is no overall loss in seating in the Learning Centre. Also, the pavilions will be open for study in December, April and during the summer months when the tutoring and coaching programs are not offering services.

    Prior to the renovation, the tutoring and coaching services had been offered on open study tables in IKBLC. Each day, the tutors and coaches would need to displace students from study tables to offer their services. In many cases, they arrived to find there were not enough tables or chairs to accommodate their programs. This resulted in daily frustration for the 90 student leaders offering these services, not to mention the students seeking tutoring and learning support. Building the dedicated tutoring and coaching spaces supports these student-led learning support programs and the more than 10,000 students they serve each year.

    Again, thanks for your feedback, and I hope this information is helpful.

    Julie Mitchell
    Managing Librarian, Chapman Learning Commons