4 responses to “Notice to all users who access UBC Library’s e-resources remotely via myVPN”

  1. Improved off-campus e-access to the UBC Library | elearning

    […] More information about EZProxy Article and photo courtesy of the UBC Library: Notice to all users who access UBC Library’s e-resources remotely via myVPN […]

  2. Renulfo (Rue) Ramirez

    There have been some questions and comments about why UBC Library is moving towards using EZproxy for off-campus access to electronic resources. The majority of these resources are governed by license agreements that stipulate that access is limited to CURRENT students, faculty and staff. Access to myVPN is available to various persons outside of this group, and the current electronic identification system on campus makes it difficult to limit access in this way. Plans are underway to improve identity management on the UBC campus, and the Library will participate in implementing these changes as they become available. In the meantime, we are taking these steps with myVPN in order to comply more closely with our licenses.

  3. Richard Tosdal

    How do get past this page from off-campus?

  4. Glen

    Just a brief note to thank you for explaining these changes. The above material is detailed, precise and valuable. As a general request for announcements etc. could you please indicate or specify where / when alumni can access the library resources. Several of your other announcements identify students and staff as default or core users, but these announcements do not provide details on whether alumni are included or excluded from access. Many thanks and keep up the good work.

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