3 responses to “Basil Frederick Stuart-Stubbs: bibliophile, scholar, librarian”

  1. Joan Betty Stuchner

    I worked at the UBC Library and studied at UBC starting in 1970. For me the names UBC Library and Basil Stuart-Stubbs will always go together. He was a great influence on many people, and a true Renaissance Man. He will not be forgotten
    I’m a writer, and until now I did not know that Basil Stuart-Stubbs was instrumental in creating the Public Lending Rights. From now on, every February, when I recieve my cheque, instead of simply saying, ‘Thank you PLR,’ I’ll add, ‘and thank you Basil.’

  2. Prof. Justus Inonda Mwanje

    “I was a postgraduate student in the Faculty of Forestry from Fall 1979 and Summer 1981. I recall many occassions when I had to consult Basil Stuart-Stubbs, especially when I required special publication to assist me in my study. I had been introduced to him by a kind and generous Canadian by the name Andrew Brockett. I have unfortunately lost contact with the latter.

    As newly arrived African students those days we had several challenges which we had to face on UBC Campus as our population may not have exceeded 12. The late Basil made us feel at home …. away from home in Africa. He had a way of making things look so easy and ften encouraging disturbe foreign sudents to remain focused. I deeply believe that his family, friends, relatives and those of us who interacted with him in the work environment shall miss him a great deal. May the Almighty rest his soul in eternal peace.”

    Prof. Justus Inonda Mwanje, PhD
    C/O Africa Public Policy Institute
    Nairobi, Kenya.

  3. Carole Joling

    As an alumna of UBC and one of its Governement Documents Librarians l969-71, BSS was a constant. After leaving for the federal library scene in Ottawa, an occasional very dry note from Basil would provide a hilarious moment – I will never forget his early suggestion to put chains on my biketires now that I had to adapt to the cold Ottawa winters!

    With fond memories,