One response to “David Lam Library closes for renovations”

  1. Dr. Tutinean


    Some of our text/books in both Lam and Koerner, are SO OLD that they now represent historical treasures and are NOT technically correct/relevant.
    Yes, with our current rewrite of economic rules following the current economic disaster and the pace of technical advancement – especially in computers, electronics, physics(a little) and SOFTWARE I submit – it is time to archive/legally record many of these books and reserve them for special project recall/research usage.
    In fact certain fields are untouched by even our voluminous reference material.
    Further, may I suggest, we no longer place reference material on the same shelves/racks or even in the same area as books that circulate.
    That is, let us have less of an art gallery (Especially at Koerner) and a larger Reference reading Area.
    Finally, I know you love the local book store, but Koerner WOULD be an excellent place to sell books and reading material…please consider these points and thanks in advance.