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Why work with us

UBC Library is committed to being a respectful, healthy environment that encourages leadership, collegiality, diversity, individual growth and opportunity. Our six aspirational values are what we strive to uphold and actively incorporate into all aspects of our organization. Together, we believe that the values, expressed behaviourally, form the backbone of our collegial relations with each other and our vision of an exceptional workplace environment.


RespectWe believe that trust and respect are the foundations on which we build our working relationships with colleagues. We understand that building a culture of respect is a long-term commitment for which we all have responsibility.

We understand that our best performances are spurred on by colleagues and leaders who empower us. That is, provide us with a framework and guidance, and trust us with the freedom and resources to excel.     

I understand that trust and respect are essential at every level of our organization. I show trust and respect to my colleagues. I earn the trust and respect of my colleagues and leaders by consistently doing what I say I will do. I am responsible with the trust and respect granted to me.

CommunicationWe embrace opportunities to give and receive specific, meaningful, and constructive feedback. We provide feedback at appropriate times and base our suggestions on behaviours rather than on the person.

We are open and honest with each other. We discuss points of disagreement and build on areas of shared agreement. We communicate with each other regularly, providing relevant and timely information.

I take the time to inform and consult with my colleagues on matters that impact their work. I practice active listening: I am interested in what my colleagues have to say; I focus on what is being said (rather than planning my response); I make eye-contact; I ask for clarification if I do not understand something.

CommunityWe create community through participation and inclusion, by cooperating across units and groups.

We encourage equitable and balanced involvement in decision making, and we work together to fulfill our common goals.

I actively engage in my workplace culture, and will continue to invite others to join me.

CreativityWe embrace curiosity, ideas, creativity and innovation. We recognize that risk taking is inherent to innovation and growth, and we will work together to manage these risks and try new things.

We will create opportunities to explore new initiatives and offer flexibility for individuals to take action and be successful.

I take the time to be creative in my work, to take risks, and to learn from my mistakes; I will listen to and encourage the expression of new ideas.

DiversityWe recognize that our diverse perspectives and backgrounds make us unique and stronger.

We acknowledge that each of us has different needs in order to thrive, as well as different ways of learning and contributing. Through recognition and empathy we will help each other move forward.

I respect and will continue to encourage different points of view. I will celebrate the diversity of my peers, and help enable the growth of others through compassion and understanding of differences.

GrowthWe make it a priority to recognize and appreciate the contributions of all our colleagues in the Library. It is part of our role to invest our time in people.

I celebrate my colleagues' milestones and achievements, express timely thank-yous and provide positive feedback.

I encourage and support my colleagues' learning and professional growth just as I am committed to seek out and participate in training and development for myself.



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