Instructional workshops


UBC campus and community users participate in UBC Library’s instruction and orientation workshops and seminars to become more skilled in the areas of research development, open scholarship, and copyright.

Sessions are integrated into the classroom curriculum or delivered in-person at library branches, by knowledgeable librarians who work closely with faculty and instructors in developing life-long literacy skills in an increasingly information-intensive world.

Library sessions have included:

  • Workshops integrated into courses that address specific subject research knowledge and literacies (e.g. ASTU 150, BIO 140, COMM 390 etc.)
  • Workshops that address skill development using specific tools and resources (e.g. citation management, introduction to Medline, digital collections, etc.)
  • Workshops that address the production and distribution of scholarship (e.g. copyright, open scholarship, etc.)

 Infographic of library workshops




“I definitely think that every first year student needs to have at least one of these classes because it really did help. I didn’t even know what scholarly articles were before that. I didn’t even know that we had this humungous database online either. It is very, very useful. Still is.” (First year student, UBC-V)