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Welcome to UBC Library’s third annual Community Report. It has been a busy year as we implemented a Library-wide change management plan and completed our third year of the Library’s Strategic Plan. Our stories this year reflect how these changes impacted our users, communities and staff, and highlight milestones that were achieved as part of our commitment to remain a top North American research library.

In a departure from previous Community Reports, we will no longer produce hard copies of the report. Having an online publication will enable readers to comment and share the Community Report more easily.


Message from the Provost

Academic institutions are facing increasing change and so too are libraries. Yet the Library’s role in creating and disseminating knowledge and supporting academic excellence remains steadfast. UBC recognizes the Library’s capacity to respond to new needs, says David Farrar, Provost and VP Academic, adding that the Library is an integral part of academic and student success.

Hear how UBC is supporting the changes happening at the Library and helping it meet the needs of faculty and students.

Message from the University Librarian

A significant number of changes at UBC Library affected our users this past year. As a result, the Library is more agile in meeting user needs through the ways we re-create space, develop new programming and services, and share Library resources online and in-person. “This is a time to be creative and courageous in what we do,” said Ingrid Parent, University Librarian, at a recent all-staff Town Hall, adding that the resiliency of the Library will be its greatest asset in setting its future course.

Hear more from Ingrid Parent on how this past year’s change management plans are helping to pave the way for the Library’s future.

Campus-wide campaign for Library benefits students, researchers and community
As part of UBC’s start an evolution capital campaign, the Library has raised more than $17 million to date.

UBC Library’s Year in Headlines
In 2012/13, UBC Library made headlines for a number of reasons.

Other Library milestones
A few key highlights that occurred during 2012/13 at the Library that impacted users, the campus and our Library staff.

UBC Library Snapshot Stats
Explore a series of infographics for you to explore that outline some of the Library’s key facts and figures over the past year.

Our Users

At UBC Library, our programs and services reflect a growing user community of students, faculty, staff, community borrowers, visiting scholars and guests. Beyond physical spaces, the Library’s presence can be felt in classrooms and labs and in B.C. communities, through in-person and virtual connections. Our capacity to connect people with information and knowledge remains a cornerstone of our commitment to our users.


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Our People

There are close to 300 staff in our Library branches who support, serve and connect with users on a daily basis. While much of the Library’s focus is on delivering excellence to faculty, students and community users, it is also important to provide a strong infrastructure internally, to support our staff as they develop personally and professionally, and to recognize their contributions. Here are some ways in which the Library is making the workplace extraordinary for our staff.


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Our Communities

The notion of sharing an academic library with the communities it serves is gaining more appeal and value. The borderless nature of libraries now allows for greater accessibility to resources, collections and programs for current and new library users. UBC Library continues to grow its presence outside the gates of the University through these programs and initiatives.


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The Community Report is produced by Library Communications and Marketing. We welcome your comments and feedback at library.communications@ubc.ca.